Our strengths

A dual expertise

Proximity and Flexibility

Outstanding ecosystem

Customized transformation plans

Resources at the management teams’ disposal

Created through the partnership of a successful entrepreneur and three experienced investors, Momentum Invest brings value to the management teams by supporting them in the transformation of their businesses.

  • An operational and financial dual expertise

    • Support provided to each of our portfolio companies by two partners with complementary expertise (operational and financial)
    • Operational support to manage issues related to the company’s organization, information systems and growth
    • Financial expertise to assist in structuring operations, fund raising, and acquisitions
    • 70 years of cumulative professional experience with excellent expertise in numerous areas and situations
  • Proximity and Flexibility

    • Momentum Invest’s partners are the sole decision-makers, making the decision process simple and fast
    • Aligned interests with our management teams
    • All types of transactions, both as a minority or majority shareholder, with or without leverage, co-investments…
    • Reasonable leverage to limit risks should unexpected events arise
  • Outstanding ecosystem

    • Strategic partnerships provided to the management teams, including:
      • A leading strategy consulting firm in the services sector in France (Top 4 global firms)
      • One of the most renowned international business schools
      • A consulting firm 100% dedicated to digital transformation
    • An in-house and pragmatic approach designed to identify the most relevant levers of digital transformation for each specific company and to select appropriate service providers for the SMEs
    • Our vast network at the management teams’ disposal (access to the management teams of large corporations for business development, sector experts, experienced entrepreneurs, international contacts, recruiting firms, media…)
  • Customized transformation plans

    • Defining common goals with the management team
    • Participation in the development of realistic and ambitious transformation plans (business portfolio, human resources, business development, marketing, digitalization…)
    • Strong recommendations when establishing external growth policies, where appropriate
    • Understanding the entrepreneurs’ concerns: we are pragmatic and provide solutions
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