ESG Commitments

Commitments and actions in line with our convictions

  • Our beliefs

    Momentum Invest systematically considers sustainable development and environmental issues, as well as sustainability issues in general, at every stage of the investment process, from the pre-acquisition audit phase through to the sale and monitoring of holdings, a key period for implementing the sustainable transformation plan.
    Since our creation in 2017, we have been helping our portfolio companies to implement and monitor an ambitious sustainable development policy. This approach includes consideration of environmental and social impacts.
    We are committed to a voluntary, sincere, and ongoing approach to creating both financial and non-financial value for all the companies in our portfolio, as well as for our management company.

  • Our commitments

    Momentum Invest is a signatory to:

    • France Invest’s Code of Ethics since its inception in 2018, which ensures that signatories behave fairly and honestly in the transactions they carry out by providing transparent information to subscribers and partners.
    • PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) since its creation in 2018, which guarantees an investment strategy that takes sustainability into account.
    • the International Climate Initiative since 2019, which recognises that climate change will have an impact on the global economy, presenting investment risks and opportunities.
    • the France Invest Gender Parity Charter since 2020, which promotes gender parity in signatory management companies and holdings.
  • Our sustainability policy

    Our commitments have been formalised in our sustainability policy, including:

    • Analysis of extra-financial performance covering all aspects of sustainability
      • Implementation of a sustainable action plan for each shareholding
      • Regular monitoring of an evaluation program
    • Exclusion of certain sectors from our investment strategy (gambling, production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, arms trading, etc.)
    • Retrocession of part of the capital gain accruing to the team to the INSEAD Foundation
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